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EPA's Diesel Regulation Killed A Man

Well, it looks like an EPA regulation killed a person.  On May 30, a man suspected of opening fire on police was shot and was rushed to the hospital.  Yet, a device within the ambulance aimed at curbing diesel emissions shut the vehicle down before they could reach the medical center.  A second ambulance had to be called to finish transporting the suspect, but he eventually died.

WUSA9, a CBS affiliate in Washington D.C., reported that:

The device which is mandated by the EPA to be on all newer model diesel vehicles is designed to burn of diesel toxins. It does it either automatically or manually. If neither of those happens during a common cycle known as a “re-generating cycle” warning lights will go off and eventually force the vehicle to lose power and shut off.

It a rare occurrence but DC Fire Deputy Chief John Donnelly says that’s appeared to have happened to Medic 19.

Donnelly said, “To my knowledge it’s never created a problem for us, but something different happened on this call.”

Critics of this EPA mandate say there should be exemptions for emergency vehicles so this won’t happen.

What if this happened to a member of your family?  Someone has a heart attack, stroke, or a fall etc. – and the ambulance dies before they could reach the hospital.  It’s terrifying.  Now, the second ambulance did pick up the suspect seven minutes later, but that could be the difference between life and death in some circumstances.