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Pretending Medicare Isn't Awful, As Only The Libmedia Can

And this is the good news.

The federal government projected Friday that Medicare’s main trust fund would not run in the red until 2026, two years later than projected last year, in part because of slower growth in healthcare costs.

Prospects for the Social Security retirement program, meanwhile, remain largely unchanged from last year. The program’s main trust fund, which provides assistance to about 46 million retirees and their relatives, will be unable to pay full benefits starting in 2035, according to an annual report from the board of trustees that oversees the nation’s major entitlement programs.

Social Security disability insurance faces the most pressing challenge, with its trust fund projected to slip into the red in just three years. About 11 million disabled Americans rely on the program.

The trustees, who include Obama administration officials and members of the public, reiterated warnings that Congress and the president must take steps soon to preserve the federal entitlement programs.

No Democrat president or Congress will ever do anything to permanently shore up and preserve federal entitlement programs because a) it’s impossible to do without making unpopular cuts or concessions and b) Democrats need to keep these programs untenable so they can always seem like they are rescuing them from the evil GOP that wants to take them away. That isn’t the reality, of course, but the Dems have been lying about Medicare for decades and the Republicans haven’t managed to elect ONE person who can effectively refute the nonsense.