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Whacko Leftist Governor Wants Bad Progressive Ideas To Spread To Other States

Since it’s working so poorly at home

In an exclusive interview Thurdsay, Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) told ThinkProgress that while not every state will be able to move as quickly as Maryland has to embrace progressive legislation, incremental steps are possible everywhere. To achieve that, he recommends progressives use both moral and economic arguments for inclusion and diversity.

In O’Malley’s seven years as governor of Maryland, he has signed bills into law enacting civil marriage equality, repealing the state’s death penalty, preventing gun violence, creating a state DREAM Act for undocumented youths, and progressively increasing revenue to invest in education and infrastructure.

ThinkProgress spoke with O’Malley after he spoke at the Center for American Progress Action Fund in support of its new report “States at Work: Progressive State Policies to Rebuild the Middle Class.”

O’Malley noted that it is important to make the economic case for inclusion:

Maryland is one of the states that gets an artificial employment buffer from federal jobs so progressives can enact their hippie utopian fantasies and think all is well.

My previous post discussed the economic potentials and voting tendencies of the fifty states. Progressive Wonderland Maryland ranks 35th.

So much for the “economic case”.