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IRS Abuse: Cindy Thomas Should be the Next Contestant on 'I Got a Subpoena!'

Via Hot Air, Cincinnati’s Fox 19 continues piecing the IRS determinations’ office org chart together. Despite Lois Lerner’s claim that the abuse just involved a couple of rogue agents, the local Fox affiliate has been able to determine that it involved at least six field-level agents, their managers, and a manger above them: Cindy Thomas.


Obviously we have some gaps yet to fill in. It’s atypical for individual field-level government workers to all have their own individual managers, though I suppose the IRS could be different. Fox 19 also found that field agent Tracy Dornette was promoted to become Thomas’ staff assistant. When she was an agent, Dornette asked a couple of abused groups bizarre questions about Israel.

Why was Dornette promoted? Did Thomas write or authorize the BOLO list that was used to target the abused groups? Neither of those questions have been answered yet. That’s why Cindy Thomas should be subpoenaed. All of the known agents involved in abusing taxpayers worked for her.