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PJTV's Scott Ott Wins Primary Victory for Lehigh County Executive

PJTV’s Scott Ott was elected to a four-year term as county commissioner (one of nine part-time legislators) with a team of reformers in 2011, unseating the chairman of the board in the primary. Last year, Scott and the reformers managed to cut spending, cut the tax rate, and stop creation of a new multimillion dollar bureaucracy.

Tuesday, Scott defeated the same man in the primary for County Executive (kind of like the governor of Lehigh County), despite being outspent by a good chunk…again.

If elected in November, Scott will oversee a $360 million budget and about 2,000 employees, engaged in everything from the operation of the county prison, court system, nursing home and a wide array of human services, to the repair of 47 bridges.

Scott had this to say on his victory:

Our goal is to create a working prototype of fiscally-responsible government worthy of emulation elsewhere. When we succeed, we’ll make government more SAFE: Sustainable, Accountable, Focused and Effective. Getting involved locally is my way of overcoming the frustration that nothing ever changes in Washington D.C.. Let’s show them our principles really can become policy that works.

Congratulations to Scott from all his friends and colleagues at PJTV and PJ Media.

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