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Rep. Frank Wolf: Obama's Arrogance and Paranoia Led to the Benghazi Cover-up

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is calling for a select committee to investigate the Benghazi cover-up. Noting that Congress has convened select committees to look into issues large and small, from major scandals to the House beauty shop, Wolf says that last week’s whistleblowers’ hearing has moved the Benghazi cover-up past the threshold to trigger a select committee. A select committee, Wolf says, would “focus like a laser beam” on Benghazi. He notes that eight months after the attack, no one has been subpoenaed to testify about the attack or its aftermath, in which senior Obama administration officials including the president blamed it on a movie. Wolf says a select committee could build on the work done by other congressional committees, and should be bipartisan.

Wolf also says that the cover-up’s origins can be traced directly back to President Barack Obama’s “arrogance” and paranoia. Listen to the interview, which took place on the Andrea Tantaros Show today, here.

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