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Photo Caption Contest Winners: Our ‘Laid-Back’ President ‘Leans-Back’ in Vanity Fair Magazine

Obama talks with chief of staff Denis McDonough and Miguel Rodriguez, director of legislative affairs, in the Oval Office on February 5, 2013. His jacket hangs on a chair, and his legs rest on the Resolute Desk, which was gifted to President Rutherford B. Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880.


Thanks to all who participated in our latest Photo Caption Contest based on Vanity Fair’s photographic essay entitled, The Lean-Back President.

As expected, the submitted captions for the two photos were a vast improvement over the original ones shown as they appeared in the May issue.

Here are all the winners and honorable mentions for the “feet on the desk photo.”

The Grand Prize of priceless PR goes to RockThisTown (one of our Caption Kings) with:

“OK, guys, tell me again how we’re going to fake my legacy . .”

Chris Henderson, (another Caption King) was a close second with these two zingers:

Denis McDonough: “Your shoes are especially shiny today boss. The media did a good job on them this week.”

Obama: “And these are the feet I use to walk on water.”

Now for the honorable mention winners:

Cfbleachers, our Royal Caption King submitted:

 “Denis, you’re never going to be able to lick my boots by bending from way over there”

RockThisTown also had two captions in this category:

Propped up feet . . . fitting for a propped up Presidency.

“Denis, your impression of how I bow to Middle East leaders is spot on.”

Fortibus85 is honored for this interesting caption:

 “And the beauty of the new Pentagon policy against proselytizing Christianity is that it doesn’t cover Liberation Theology, which is really Marxism with Christian overtones. It’s brilliant!”

Then there was Katherine in RB who submitted this very thoughtful editorial comment:

The really bothersome part isn’t that he wasn’t raised well enough to know not to put his feet up on the furniture, it’s that there isn’t a single person in the entire decision making line that understands how bad this whole “feet on the furniture” thing makes him look.  Or perhaps it only looks bad to the wrong people.

Obama stretches in the afternoon sun in the Rose Garden on May 20, 2009.


Here are the winners for the second photo.

The Grand Prize again goes to RockThisTown with:

“Ahhh, I love the smell of redistributed wealth in the afternoon.”

RockThisTown also had two honorable mentions:

 The Rose Garden sector is doing just fine.

 “Oh, if I could just remember where Michelle planted the marijuana!”

Chris Henderson wins an honorable mention with:

“I wonder how I can tax sunlight?”

Cfbleachers scored with:

 “The sun worships me. Tell my media to write that”

Rbj ranked high with:

Obama basks in the knowledge that the sun worships him.

Thanks again to all who played along, and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.