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Barack Obama to Star on Next Season's 'The Biggest Loser'

The House and Senate have both passed legislation that effectively ends the FAA’s furloughs. The bill now goes to President Obama to sign, and he has indicated that he will sign it. If he signs it, one of the most visible manifestations of his sequester policy goes away, and with it the talking point that the sequester is so onerous and dastardly that America just can’t live without every last cent of government spending. If he vetoes it, then he is exposed as owning the sequestration for the pure PR of it. The bill will allow the FAA to move money around to prevent the furloughs, which are being blamed for numerous flight delays across America. It easily passed both houses of Congress, making it bipartisan, after enraged American flyers demanded action.

How weak a president is Barack Obama turning out to be in his second term? He lost big on gun control and went off on an embarrassing public tantrum about it. He has lost twice on sequestration. He won’t have Ashley Judd puffing her way into the Kentucky Senate race and he just lost Sen. Max Baucus, his Senate ObamaCare champion, who called the president’s health care law a “train wreck” on his way out the door. Democrats won’t retake the House next year and, barring the Republicans having idiots on the ticket which is always possible, could lose the Senate. His grip on Congress is nearly as weak as his understanding of terrorism.

Today he is exposing himself as a pro-abortion radical in an increasingly pro-life country, at a time when the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is showcasing the real-world consequences of the radical policies that Obama supports. Publicly supporting infanticide while claiming to support gun control “if it only saves one child’s life” may be stark enough even to break through to Obama’s preferred low-information voters.