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Return Of The Open Thread, Taylor Swift And The Watertown Boat Edition

Headline from The Onion:

Taylor Swift Now Dating Watertown Boat

Following a string of highly publicized breakups, sources confirmed today that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is now dating the 22-foot Watertown, MA Sea Hawk pleasure cruiser in which alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev sought shelter while evading the FBI Friday. “Taylor was seen cozying up to the Watertown boat over dessert at Finale last night, and we can confirm that the two are officially an item,” blogger Bonnie Fuller reported of the budding romance between the 23-year-old multiplatinum crooner and the bloodied, bullet-ridden watercraft, nicknaming the couple “Swiftboat.”

Let’s all gather around the virtual water cooler, relax and be grateful that, so far, this week is quieter than last.