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Media Executive Very, Very Unhappy That Bloggers, Tweeters Point Out Media's Boston Debacle

Over at Politico, Dylan Byers publishes an email  from a “television industry executive.”

While it’s a shame that credible “old media” organizations can blow something as big as this, it’s equally a shame that the twitterverse, blogosphere, etc, feels the need to dance on their graves.

The snark on Twitter has reached new heights… it’s not about getting to the truth or serving the public good, it’s about who can make the wittiest joke to impress their friends. This is an important story for the nation, and reporters from organizations new and old are trying to cover it. People make mistakes.

But, the Fourth Estate, flawed though it is, was set-up to be a watchdog for the Republic. Is there now a Fifth Estate — the social media universe that purports to be keeping an eye on the Fourth estate but really is just looking out for themselves?

Is the Fourth Estate really trying to be a watchdog for the Republic, though, or are the majority of its people serving as lapdogs, functionaries of the government and shills for the Democratic Party? Mainstream media pushed a race angle in the Trayvon Martin case that did not exist, they have openly cheered on gun control after Newtown, after they openly cheered on Obama’s re-election, after they spent five years ignoring Obama’s voting record in Illinois and the US Senate, and ignoring or downplaying his record as president. Most of them are still assisting Fast and Furious and Benghazi coverups.  In recent months, the “watchdogs” have embargoed the Gosnell trial, for obvious political reasons. They also keyed off of what turned out to be bogus speculation from the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center to push a white supremacist angle in the Kaufman County DA killings. Rather than acknowledge error in the Kaufman case, though, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and CNN’s Piers Morgan will have the SPLC’s Mark Potok on their shows tonight.

The fact that Sharpton, who has blood and libel on his hands, even has a media job speaks volumes.

Why are these media “watchdogs” giving a media tour to a man who got a big story entirely wrong? Are we in the alt media wrong to point out how ridiculous this is?

What really upsets the TV executive is that so many find so much glee in pointing and laughing at old media when they fail spectacularly, as they did today. We’re not going to stop that, unless and until the so-called “watchdogs” stop biting citizens and start biting the dishonest hacks we have in government.

Let it be known, mainstream media: We troll you now and we will keep trolling you as long as you keep being dishonest with us.