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Why Push Gun Control in Connecticut?

I just saw this story in Daily Caller today:

President Obama will fly to Connecticut Monday to make remarks about the state’s new gun laws. This will be the second time in five days the president has rewarded state-level gun control measures by traveling for in-state appearances.

The President will appear at the University of Hartford to ”continue asking the American people to join him in calling on Congress to pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence,” according to a White House release Sunday morning.

Connecticut’s legislature passed a 139-page gun control bill last week, which includes universal criminal background checks for all gun sales, creation of a “weapon offender registry,” 10-round limits on ammunition magazines, and other restrictions.

So, I’ve got a question.  When the problem appears to be that Democrat Senators in red states are unwilling to hang themselves out on gun control, why is he concentrating on states like Colorado and Connecticut?  Places where those laws have already been passed?