California Considering Taxing Ammunition Out of Gun Owners' Reach

These states that keep pushing away against law-abiding, responsible gun owners will soon only have law-breaking, irresponsible gun owners.

Democratic lawmakers are pushing like never before to regulate or tax ammunition sales. They say the logic is simple: A firearm is nothing but an expensive paperweight without ammunition.

“We regulated gun sales because of our concern about safety, (so) by logical extension we should do so with bullets,” said state Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, whose AB48 will be heard Tuesday by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Gun-rights advocates are preparing a counter-offensive, arguing that ammunition-control bills are a not-so-back-door assault on the Second Amendment.


The media does its part to push for the gun grabbers.

As lawmakers mull how to curb gun violence in the wake of December’s massacre of school children in Newtown, Conn….

Do you see the stolen base in that reporting? Gun violence is not up compared to historic trends. It’s down. Rifles are rarely used in acts of violence. But politicians are targeting certain kinds of rifles, and now ammunition, at a time when gun violence is down overall. The actual rate of violence is not the reason they’re pushing more laws. Specific acts of violence are the handiest excuse for pushing measures that many of them have long wanted to push, but lacked a crisis to enable them.

Newtown gave them that crisis, and they’re seeking to profiteer from it.


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