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'Pawn Star' Rick Harrison Says 'Leninist' Federal Government is Keeping Him From Filming New Show

Pawn Stars chief Rick Harrison called into the Mark Levin Show Friday night. He told Levin that he had come up with new reality show about dune buggiers in southern California, and approached federal authorities about getting permission to film, as the dune buggiers do their thing on federal land.

The federal government, Harrison says, denied permission and blamed the sequester. Harrison says the show would not have cost the federal government anything. In fact, it would have employed over 100 people.

The federal government’s actions on this and a broad range of issues remind Harrison of another government that once ruled Russia.

“I am a history buff,” Harrison told Levin. “We have a government that’s down on business, down on business, people with money. I know someone else who did that. His name was Lenin.”

For the benefit of any low-information voters out there who may have heard that or may be reading this, Lenin is not the guy who was with the Beatles. He was the founder of the Soviet Union, which crushed freedom around the world for more than 70 years. Lenin was very, very bad.

“[Lenin] blamed the banks, he blamed the Jews, he blamed the intelligentsia,” Harrison said. “‘Let’s re-educate everybody’ and I just feel like that’s what’s happening to our country.”

Harrison also blasted ObamaCare and said that the Supreme Court justices who voted to uphold it should be impeached. He says that the regulations it imposes on businesses make it all but impossible to start a new business in America.

Harrison’s family obtained their pawn license in Las Vegas in 1987 and established the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Pawn Stars has been on the History Channel since July 2009.

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