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Bullets and Breakfast Tacos

This morning, after an early interview on America’s Morning News, I put on my favorite hat

to cover up an usually bad case of bed head, and went out to get a couple of things.

First stop, the local sporting goods store to see if they had any ammo. They did, and they also had a line of about 40 people out the door, at the moment the place opened. Somehow word had gotten out that today’s shipment was better than most recent ones. News travels fast and the line kept building. It moved steadily. Everyone got what they wanted in their chosen calibers and left.

After that, I stopped off at the local breakfast taco shop.

Because this is what a man does. He feeds his family, and he stands vigilant to protect his family if the unthinkable becomes real.

Politicians like Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, Dianne Feinstein and others are trying to profit from sorrow. A man does not let some politician in Washington or anywhere else cynically use tragedy to bully him into giving up his rights.

Not now. Not ever.


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