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New Photo Caption Contest: Head of State in Action

Today, while doing my morning reading, I came across this tidbit from Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook:

PIC DU JOUR: HEAD OF STATE: President Obama bounces a soccer ball off his head after receiving it as a gift from Major League Soccer Cup champions Los Angeles Galaxy, in the East Room yesterday. Photo by Reuters’ Larry Downing. (L.A. Times runs a Chip Somodevilla/Getty version of this shot atop its second front, “HEAD OF STATE.”)


Immediately I jumped up and yelled, Tatler Photo Caption Contest!  So here we go again for all of you who anxiously await new contests.

This Caption Contest, like so many others in our glorious Caption Contest past, has the potential to be disrespectful to our Beloved Leader. So I say once again, “resist the temptation,” and  follow the rules of “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” And since the winners of our last contest were able to do that, you can too!

Have fun and follow the bouncy ball right off the fiscal cliff.

(Personally, I can not get enough of this U.S. Debt Clock site and will use any excuse to link to it. Just try watching the numbers fly by for a few seconds and you too will be hooked. Then be sure to click the “Debt Clock Time Machine” button on the upper right and watch how Obama’s bouncy ball is taking us over the edge and beyond.)



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