Comcast Tells New Jersey Gun Shop Owner that His Ads Cannot Show Guns -- or Even Archery Gear!

Yesterday we reported on the case of United Loan and Firearm versus Comcast. The owner of that shop, Ray Reynolds, says that Comcast is censoring his TV ads that run on Comcast Cable. The cable giant is demanding that he truncate “United Loan and Firearm” to remove the reference to guns, and that he remove any imagery of guns from his ad. If he does not comply, his ad will not run.


Comcast’s new policy extends beyond Georgia. Bob Viden, owner of Bob’s Little Sport Shop in Glassboro, New Jersey, told the Conservative Commando radio show on Wednesday that Comcast is making the same demands of him.

“Are you still able to advertise on Comcast?” host Rick Trader asks Viden.

“No, we’re not. In fact they told us we had to change our ad so that it would not show any guns or the archery being shot in the range if we wanted to run the ad,” Viden replied. “So we elected that if we cannot run the ad the way we want it we’re not going to run the ad.”

Viden’s store had advertised on Comcast for several years before this issue ever came up, but now refuses to run ads that their own crews shot and produced.

“There were in and shot the film a couple years ago. I had my grandsons shooting archery,” Viden said, “and we had people out on the range, and it focused on the range and it showed the backs of people shooting downrange. All in a safe manner. And they have rejected that, even the archery from the ad, so we figured, that’s it.”

According to Viden, Comcast representatives told his daughter, who handles the store’s advertising, that the cable giant has a new policy that does not allow commercials to show guns or even archery gear, even though it is being used in a safe manner in the ad. Meanwhile, Comcast airs numerous shows that depict firearms and other weapons being used by criminals, police, and others in entirely unsafe manners all the time.

Trader asked Viden why the cable giant is choosing not to show guns used in a safe manner, as in his commercial, while its shows portray guns being used unsafely so often.


“We thought that if you really wanted to show an ad showing the safe handling of a firearm, as opposed to the way most people see it handled on some of the TV shows, it’s not unusual to see people running through the streets shooting at people or running out on their balcony and shooting two shots off in the air, and this type of stuff is not going on in real life with people who handle guns safely,” Viden said.

Listen to the entire interview here.

Vice President Joseph Biden has recently advised people to buy shotguns, and fire warning shots off their balconies, for self-defense. Not only is his advice unsafe,  following it could get you charged with a felony.


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