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On the XL Pipeline, Obama Sticks to His Base

According to a new poll commissioned by opponents of the XL Pipeline, a majority of Americans want the pipeline built. A minority oppose it, but among the Democratic base, opposition is the majority. And a key demo strongly opposes it.


[T]he Center for Biological Diversity, the group that commissioned the poll, says the president should pay attention to what his most fervent supporters are saying. Sixty-eight percent of people who voted for Obama want him to reject the pipeline, the poll found.

Opposition is especially strong among Obama voters age 18 to 29, according to the survey conducted by Public Policy Polling. More than 60 percent think he would be breaking his promises if he OKs the pipeline — and 16 percent would feel betrayed.

Of course, Obama has already won his second term and will most likely never face the electorate again. But he’s also spoken of his desire to keep his base fired up during his second term.

He’s wrong on this, but Obama is at least sticking to his base to avoid demoralizing them. Wouldn’t want to buck the young vote.

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