Sarah Palin at CPAC: 'It is our responsibility to ensure that our country prospers'

There’s a reason why Gov. Sarah Palin is a conservative rock star.  She’s in touch with the undercurrents of the conservative movement.  Palin has surely matured as a spokeswoman and leader after her 2008 defeat, and noted that 2012 isn’t the end of the world.  It’s time to continue the fight for conservative principles.


Her speech at CPAC Saturday was a charismatic call to arms.  “Don’t let the big government, the big businesses, or the big bad media to scare you off…it is time for We the People to break up cronyism…[because] whenever government expands, the well-connected win,” said Palin. However, she also said that,”those who disagree with our message are not our enemies. They are our sisters, our neighbors, our friends.”  Given the antics of the political left, such as assaulting Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder, they seem perfectly content on hating us, mocking us, and treating us like the enemy.  Frankly, we need to hate the Democrats and their liberal allies more than they hate us.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the core of her speech.  It was a rousing “get off the couch” moment.  Palin said it’s time for conservatives to “share our message of freedom and liberty to all citizens….there are no Hispanic issues, or African-American issues…there are American issues.”  Palin carried a populist tinge that touched upon rebuilding the middle class – although it’s debatable if the middle class is disappearing at all – saying, “how about rebuilding the middle class…it is our [conservatives] responsibility to ensure that our country prospers.”


What’s in the way of our socioeconomic revival?  It’s the political leadership in Washington, which Palin took to task, especially Senate Democrats, for being unable – or incapable – of producing a budget in over 1,000 days.  She said, “never have our challenges been so big, and our leaders so small…no budget for four years is a violation of our constitution… no budget is no leadership… at our time our country is in desperate need of leadership, we get an endless campaigner…we don’t have leadership coming out of Washington…we have reality television.”

Obviously, to change the landscape, we need to win some elections.  As some in the media and political circles say that the GOP must moderate, Palin rejected that notion saying,”we’re not here [at CPAC] to re-brand the party, we’re here to rebuild the country…they talk about re-branding the GOP instead of restoring the trust of the American people…we’re not here to abandon our principles…it’s time we all stop preaching to the choir and let’s go.”


According to the governor, conservatives should “furlough” the consultants and pollsters, and send them packing.  As Bridget Johnson wrote earlier today, Palin was adamant in the belief that “if we truly believe what we believe,” we don’t need them telling us what to do.

“Don’t let the big consultants, the big money men and the big bad media scare you off,” Palin continued. “The last thing we need is Washington D.C. vetting our candidates.”






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