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Obama Government Re-Arrests Four Dangerous Criminal Aliens It Released During Last Week's Temper Tantrum

Is the Obama administration acknowledging that it unleashed at least four dangerous criminals on the US public last week? Yep.

The Obama administration said Thursday it had rearrested and brought back four of the most dangerous immigrants it released from detention last month in the run-up to the budget sequestration.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton testified to Congress that his agency released 10 “level one” offenders, and has gone out and apprehended four of them. He said the other six are nonviolent.

Last week, the regime said that it had only released a few hundred illegal aliens, and none of them were dangerous. Now it’s thousands released, and at least four are violent criminals.

It’s a safe bet that the pattern of lying continues, DHS chief Napolitano and President Obama authorized the releases, and more than four are dangerous. Sen. John Cornyn isn’t buying the new line.

“Why was the secretary of Homeland Security not aware of the release of convicted criminals by her own agency? Why did she tell us it was only hundreds who were released when we now learn it was thousands?” he said. “This is evidence of serious mismanagement at DHS under Secretary Napolitano.”

To say the least.

h/t JWF