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They Told Me that If I Voted Republican We'd See Government Crack Down On the Press...

It would be really nice to know what was in these photos.

A staffer for Vice President Joe Biden demanded that a reporter delete photos he’d taken at an event in Rockville, Md., Tuesday. The vice president’s office later apologized to University of Maryland J-school Dean Lucy Dalglish after she complained about the incident in a letter.

Jeremy Barr, a reporter with the University of Maryland’s Capital News Service, was seated in a non-press section for the event, at which the vice president announced an anti-domestic violence initiative. Biden staffer Dana Rosenzweig approached Barr after the event and ordered him to delete photos.

The Biden staffer claimed that Barr’s spot gave him an “unfair advantage” over other reporters at the event. Democrats enjoy picking winners and losers.

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