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[AUDIO] Rep. Kevin Brady Blasts Obama's Gloom and Doom Fearmongering on the Andrea Tantaros Show

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) appeared on the Andrea Tantaros Show today to talk about how Republican governors are succeeding at turning their economies despite the headwinds coming at them from the Obama economy.

“You know what’s striking,” Brady said, “is that while the president takes to the air to say ‘Look, there’s nothing I can do about the economy, there’s nothing I can do about this deficit,’ the Republican governors during this same four years have turned their economies around, have balanced their budgets without raising taxes. They’ve achieved everything the president says ‘Well, it’s impossible to, although I’m trying my best.'”

Brady also addressed the spending cuts that the president claims will unleash economic Armageddon on the US economy. “We have a president who refuses to make even one modest spending cut within this bloated federal government, is really scaring much of the country. I always like to make a point back home, is that these spending cuts are modest. It’s the equivalent of asking a 500 pound person to lose 10 pounds. That’s all we’re asking the federal government to do.” But Brady notes that the Obama administration is threatening to close runways at airports and are already allowing illegal aliens to go free. “It’s really frustrating,” Brady said.

“Are they engaging in fear tactics with the states?” host Tantaros asked Brady.

“No question about it,” he replied. “They’re trying to win the public relations war, and the truth of the matter is, they’re not going to win it.” Brady noted that the Department of Homeland Security, which is releasing illegal aliens while blaming it on spending cuts that haven’t even happened yet, spent $5 million on a Christmas party. He also noted that the Department of Transportation, which is threatening to close runways, will have more money spend this year than it did last year even if the spending cuts happen.

Brady also discussed CPAC, how Republicans need to appeal to both Rick Perry and Chris Christie voters, and the party’s way forward during Obama’s second term.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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