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Colorado Democrat: Use the 'Buddy System' to Prevent Rape

Colorado state Rep. Paul Rosenthal chimes in on the raging rape debate in Colorado. He sets up a straw giant first, to argue that a gun isn’t the “only” means by which a woman may defend herself — who’s arguing that it is? — before offering his sage advice.

ROSENTHAL: There are other methods. There’s mace. What about a taser? The buddy system. Other methods at self-defense, judo or what have you.

So any woman who chooses to live alone is just asking for it?

Rosenthal’s comments come after state Rep. Joe Salazar got himself into trouble for suggesting that women, despite the US military having recently allowed them into combat roles, may not be trusted to handle a gun without wrongly shooting someone.

Two Colorado Democrats pop off stupidly on rape in a week. But we won’t hear the media make any broader, cultural or political issue out of it. We just won’t. You know it, I know it, they know it, and the Democrats know it. That party will not be held accountable for a thing.

Because media bias against conservatives is all mythical, or something. What’s mythical is any belief that Chuck Todd and his ilk have a shred of honesty or integrity. They don’t.

Salazar’s and Rosenthal’s comments both came during a debate on allowing concealed firearm carry on college campuses. Here’s a basic question that no one seems to be asking: Why should anyone have to surrender their Constitutional rights just because they’re on a college campus? That’s what disallowing concealed carry does — it deprives people of their rights. Democrats are defending that, and saying the most asinine things to make their case.

h/t NRO