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ObamaCare to Young People: Bend Over

After rejecting, by a better than two-to-one margin, the candidate who promised to repeal ObamaCare, America’s youth are going to get what they asked for — good and hard:

AAF conducted a survey of health-care insurers and found that premiums are going up for key groups as a result of the new health law — by a lot!

The survey studied individual examples in specific markets to show the impact of major Obamacare reforms.

The result? “The findings highlight the sticker shock in health care premiums that awaits the relatively young and healthy in both the small group and individual markets as the ACA is fully implemented. The survey finds cost of premiums for this group will increase by an average of 169 percent,” according to the AAF survey.

The survey asked insurers how the market reforms would affect policies for specific individuals and small groups in 2014 in Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, Austin, Milwaukee, and Albany.

Milwaukee citizens will be hit hardest: The young and healthy can expect premium increases of 190 percent. The lowest premium increases in these big cities will be in Phoenix where young people will face a 157 percent premium increase.

Maybe kids ought to be allowed to stay on their parent’s insurance until they’re 52.