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Hoyer: We Don't Have a Spending Problem, We Have a 'Paying' Problem

Tonight President Obama will reportedly make the case against cutting government spending, which has risen to unsustainable levels on his watch. He will have the backing of his party, which is bereft of sane leaders. Take Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer, for example.

“It’s not a question of a spending problem. Nobody has a spending problem if they have the resources to pay for what they spend. No family, if they can afford what it buys, has a spending problem. The problem becomes when you spend, buy and don’t pay,” the Maryland Democrat told reporters at a pen-and-pad briefing Tuesday.

Deficits, on the other hand, “are destabilizing to the economy and dangerous for future generations and rob generations,” he added. “When they say we have a spending problem — we have a paying problem.”

Try making sense of that.

Try having a coherent conversation with someone who thinks that way.

Hoyer said the government’s focus should be economic growth, which includes a focus on reducing the long-term deficit. “We’ll have to address both spending and revenues in order to accomplish that objective. To that extent we have a spending problem, and we have a revenue problem,” he said.

The Obama Democrats believe that we can tax and spend our way out of the hole that we’re in.

It may come down to the entire economic system having to collapse before they will be proven wrong. Then, they’ll still blame that on Bush.