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Photo Caption Contest Winner: President Obama Drones On

For our latest contest, Tatler Photo Caption Contest fans proved me right when I presumed that you were all capable of writing better captions then the Drudge Report – but little did I know how much better. So the only words to describe the quantity and quality of the entries we received were amazing, awesome and incredible!  Therefore, extra help was needed with the monumental task of judging and Dr. Spin (our in-house B-list media celebrity) was called upon and chose:

The new Marlboro Man. Time to light one up. Submitted by fortibus85.

Congrats to fortibus85, who is a repeat contest winner!

Now, as with many of our ultra competitive contests, Dr. Spin selects the official winner, but yours truly is left to pick the honorable mentions and unofficial grand prize winner. So here now are the best of the best:

Predator vs. Alien  Submitted by stephen b

“What do you mean there is no I-phone app for this?!?” Submitted by cranky yankee

One of our Caption Kings, Chris Henderson submitted these three gems:


Makes sense: Empty Suit; Empty Chair, Empty Drone.

At least the drones work, unlike most of Obama’s ideas.

 “When the Iranian”… submitted:

When the Iranian media reverse engineer me, no birth certificate, academic transcripts, medical charts, job resumes, legislative records will be found.

Besides the official winning caption, fortibus85 submitted a host of honorable mentions:

We need to get more of these to the EPA for crop inspections.

They need to re-do this, because the Presidential Seal is too fuzzy.

Can I control these from the golf course?

This won’t fall under the assault weapon ban.

I should’ve had the children pose with me for this.

If it just saves one life.

Can we make this thing look like a locust?

Pax Obama.

I picked Brennan and Hagel only after they agreed these are mine.

Now if I can just get control of the internet…

This will give Matthews a tingle…

Fast and Furious was so 15 minutes ago.

Mr. Don Henderson, one of our Caption Kings submitted these honorable mentions:

Like most of my projects this one really bombed.

Don’t tell Eric Holder about the drones. He’d just give them to Mexican Drug Cartels.

As soon as I polish my Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll give the drones runway clearance.

Let me think this over, if I have the letters G. W. B. on the front of the drones, I won’t get the blame.

Every time I get a good idea, somebody wants to shoot it down.

RogerJ submitted this cute caption:

You didn’t bomb that!

Scottch, one of our regulars, submitted three honorable mentions:

This one is called the (Nobel) peacemaker.

Now you know why Boehner is sweating.

Now you know what leverage I had over Justice Roberts

RockThisTown, one of our Caption Kings had two good ones:

“I’m the King Bee and these are my worker drones.”

“If I don’t win another Nobel Prize, I’m sending drones to Norway.”

Cfbleachers, our reigning Caption King had some creative winners:

Media covers up secret air strips to bomb Yemen, Obama asks his Media, “What Have You Drone For Me Lately?”

Obama and his media. Mission Accompliced.

An unmanned weapon, for an unmanned Presidency, with an unmanned media…all on autopilot.

Info submitted:

“Proud of my new “Obama Gay.”  Can put some serious hurt on ya.”

And the Grand Prize Winner is Mr. Don Henderson (our new King of the Caption Kings) with this entry:

There are no drone bases in Saudi Arabia, they just stop by for an oil change.

Don Henderson, your prize is a two week summer vacation in Gitmo’s executive guest quarters with no air conditioning. Have fun and send us a post card!

Thanks to all who played along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.