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Tax Hikes Hurt So Much, Even the NYT Noticed

Here’s your daily dose of hopenchange, courtesy of the New York Times:

“You got to stretch what you got,” said Mr. Phillips, 51, a front-desk clerk and maintenance man for a nonprofit housing group who earned $22,000 last year. “That little $20 or $30 affects you, especially if you’re just making enough money to stay above water.” So he has taken to juggling bills, skipping a payment on one this month and another next month.

“I’m playing catch-up each month,” he said. “You go to the supermarket and you can’t spend what you used to.”

Phillips was barely making ends meet before his payroll taxes went up two percentage points at the first of the year. At some point, Phillips may wise up that it’s easier (and sometimes more comfortable) to be on welfare than it is to be a member of the working poor. We can debate all day whether that’s a bug or a feature of Obamanomics, but the end result is the same.

The VodkaWife and I have taken to spending less and saving more. And more of what we do spend is on emergency supplies for the VodkaBunker downstairs. Life has lost some of its fun, but we’re both sleeping better.

Well, that last bit might be explained by the fact that our alcohol budget went up.

Sign “O” the times, my friend.