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Some Good News For Once: Marine Regiment Returns Home, Zero Deaths On Tour

Thank you.

After deployment to volatile Helmand province in Afghanistan, 230 Marines and sailors of Combat Logistics Regiment 15 are home at Camp Pendleton.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the work our Marines and sailors did,” said Col. Stephen D. Sklenka, the commanding officer.

By the numbers, the deployment was judged successful:

+ 535 combat logistics patrols planned and coordinated, covering 60,345 over roads where Taliban fighters often bury roadside bombs.

+ 1,223,703 gallons of bulk fuel delivered.

+ 152 helicopter missions supported.

+ Nine major base transfers or closures accomplished.

There also another number that was of particular importance to the family members who waited in the shivering cold early Thursday for the regiment to return.

+ Zero, the number of Marines or sailors killed in combat.

I wish there were stories like this to post every day.