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WH Spokesman: It's Ridiculous to Criticize Obama's Dead Jobs Council that He Barely Met With

Today President Obama failed to reauthorize the jobs council that he created by executive order two years ago. Therefore, that council died. Not that it ever mattered in terms of policy, as the president had not met with it in about a year and never met with it more than a handful of times. It held a total of four meetings.

Questioned about the demise of the council today, White House spokesman Jay Carney ridiculed critics.

“It’s a little ironic to hear from those who with great fervor embraced the policies that helped create the greatest economic crisis of our lifetime … be critical on this,” Carney said, adding that he viewed criticisms from Republicans as “somewhat ridiculous.”

Carney was again, for the hundred millionth time, blaming the policies of the Bush era for the economic collapse, which was actually triggered by the loose lending policies of the Democrat-run federal housing lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Perhaps, with the death of Obama’s irrelevant jobs council, the president will also stop pretending to pivot toward jobs. That never was a particularly convincing pirouette.