NBC 'Reviewing' How Its Editors Created a Lie that the Network Aired

This is not a repeat of the time NBC editors made George Zimmerman sound like a racist. Wait, yeah, it is a repeat of that. And of the time Andrea Mitchell’s unwatchable hash of a show aired a tape deceptively edited to smear Mitt Romney.


NBC has a history of creating and airing lies, don’t they.

So, according to Jim Treacher, they’re “reviewing” this one. It’s the tape that NBC doctored to make it look like the father of one of the Newtown victims was heckled. He wasn’t. NBC’s lie has been duly spread around by the leftist blogs and media, who as a group don’t care about the truth. You can’t find an honest person among them.

NBC is probably reviewing how they can tighten things up so they’ll get away with it next time.


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