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Chicago Girl, Shot Dead, Adds to Grisly Toll in Obama's Town

Last year, shooting deaths in the city with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the land topped 500. Since 2001, more than 5,000 have been felled by gunfire in this slaughterhouse-by-the-lake they call the Windy City. That’s more than twice as many as American troop deaths in Afghanistan.

Now, a 15-year-old girl — an honors student/athlete and musician — seeking shelter from the rain in a playground near an upscale neighborhood is shot in the back.

The president has a habit of rushing to disaster scenes when it suits his political agenda. I’m not asking him to attend the funeral and make a speech. I’m asking him to take his next vacation in his own Chicago mansion, in the town where his former chief of staff presides as Mayor.

It’s not AR-15s (illegal since 1992) or big magazines that are killing kids in Obama’s old backyard. And it’s been illegal to purchase or register a handgun there since 1982.

So, what is it really, Mr. President?

Why don’t you go home, give the Secret Service the night off, and take Bo out for a walk…so you can feel the fear that Chicago school kids know as their birthright. Michelle can stay home and listen to the anxious minutes tick away until you come back through the door safely. While she’s waiting, she can learn more about Shirley Chambers who just lost her fourth child to armed thugs in Chicago.