Hawaii Lawmakers Consider Banning ALL Toy Guns

It’s not difficult to understand how the Salem Witch Trails got started. Just witness the current hysteria surrounding guns. Children have been suspended from school for making a gun with their fingers, and Nerf guns that bear absolutely no resemblance to actual firearms have caused full blown panic lockdowns. People are losing their reason.


Now, lawmakers in Hawaii are considering the next plunge into idiocy. They’re looking at banning all toy guns.

Some state lawmakers are looking to shoot down toy gun sales.  New bills introduced would make it a crime to sell a toy gun to any child under 18.  The idea alone is already creating controversy.

The proposals are supposedly aimed at keeping kids from getting into trouble by bringing toy guns to school. They’ve been instructed not to do it, and that they will lose their toys if they do it. But some few do it anyway. Solution: Ban them for everyone! Criminalize the sale of toys to kids!

We like to think that we’ve progressed since the days of yore. We haven’t. Some people will always panic, and some people will always exploit people who panic.


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