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Thrilling: Social Security May Not Make It Through The Next 4 Years Either

Aren’t we told every election that this is what the Democrats are “saving”?

As President Obama faces pressure on the left to defend federal entitlement programs from the benefit cuts that the Republicans say are necessary to keep the programs solvent decades down the road, one part of Social Security could fall short of paying out full benefits within a few years — even while Obama is still president.

Over the long term, Social Security and Medicare have promised tens of trillions of dollars more in benefits than the nation can pay for under current policies. But Social Security’s disability trust fund is in even worse shape, and current estimates say by 2016 it won’t have enough money to pay full benefits.

Social Security is perpetually on the brink of disaster yet any politician who mentions that it needs to be radically overhauled is excoriated and labeled “heartless”.

See why we need to learn to explain things to the nice people in a more coherent fashion?