More MSM Post-Inaugural Schizoprhenia: Joe Klein Now Admitting Obama Is A Progressive

What a difference fifteen months make.

Fifty-two years later, Barack Obama’s second Inaugural seemed a bookend to the Kennedy speech. It announced the final ratification of the progressive agenda launched by Kennedy and enacted by Lyndon Johnson, and the moral agenda proclaimed by Martin Luther King Jr.


In October of 2011, Klein was still in full “centrist” meme-pimping mode:

After all, his position on major economic issues like jobs and deficit-reduction are already as centrist as you can get; any further moves to the right and he’ll slip past George H. W. Bush on the political spectrum–in fact, Obama stands to the right of Ronald Reagan on issues like entitlement reform

From “right of Ronald Reagan” to the earthbound god of Progressivism in less than a year and a half?

Klein is about to take a short leave to devote more time to selling the Brooklyn bridge to his readers.


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