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Photo Caption Contest Winner: What Is House Speaker John Boehner Thinking?


Thanks to all who participated in our latest and very successful, photo caption contest. As a group, your submissions were creative, snarky, mean, hilarious, cute, clever and obnoxious, just how we like them!

So without further ado, here are all the Honorable Mentions:

Submitted by RockThisTown: (one of our caption kings) with several good ones.

“I’m sure I can hold out for a month before I cave to Pelosi & Reid.”

“If I clap, maybe everyone will think I’m happy.”

“Did Beyonce really just lip-synch the National Anthem?”

 “Dang it! I just know he didn’t get 65 million votes legally.”

Submitted by Chris Henderson: (our reigning caption king)

“Here we go, 4 more years of blaming Bush!”

 “Hey wait a minute, that Teleprompter has a defroster on it!”

 “Twenty-second Amendment, Twenty-second Amendment, Twenty-second Amendment…”

Submitted by Adi: (a new caption king)

I’m looking ‘forward’ to the 3,000 calories meal. Could be my last.

Will someone notice if we suspend the Constitution for a couple of months? It is for the sake of the Collective, after all.

… Once upon a time on a chilly day during the Weimar Republic. No, I mustn’t think of that.

What was that Richie song title again, “Dancing on a debt ceiling”?

Submitted by Hubbub: (a newcomer?)

LA-LA-la-la-la…I can’t hear you!

Submitted by Stargazer:  (ouch this one hurt!)

See, it’s possible to stand erect without a spine… a little painful, but possible.

Submitted by Querulous: (another painful one)

I gotta remember pretty darn soon where I left my backbone.

Submitted by scotth: (even MORE painful)

Looks like he’s having a nic fit to me.

Submitted by Kimbly:

I’ll see your eye roll and raise you a scowl.

(Kimbly, this caption is not with the time line of the day but I liked it anyway!)

Submitted by Don Henderson: (another loyal caption king)

Here’s another fine mess he’s got me into.

That sure takes nerve, he’s trying to pass gun control.
and she’s wearing BANGS.

Submitted by cfbleachers: (Hail to our emeritus caption king!)

Have gavel, will travel….then unravel.

Frame 1: Man, the things I have to endure as the “loyal opposition”.

Frame 2: Especially since he is in no way really loyal, and I am in no way really any opposition.

I’m biting my tongue, literally and figuratively.

Look at me, I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree.

Submitted by rbj

He’s going to play me for a fool again. And I’m going to fall for it.

Now for the grand prize winners who have earned a smoke break with our Speaker.

I had to pick three winning captions because these really described the tortured  expressions on Speaker Boehner’s face in both photos.

Two from Don Henderson:

He gets to play King of the hill, while I play follow the leader.


Not one person has said, Oh look, there’s Mr. Boehner.

Finally from cfbleachers: (back now as our reigning caption king) Yes, it is good to be king!

In a high pitched whine only dogs could hear, the Squeaker of the House bears witness and pain at the swearing in ceremony.

Thanks again to all who played along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.