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Man Puts Seafood Bucket on Head, Attempts to Steal Guns from Pawn Shop

Protip: Since many felons are denied the right to purchase guns, if you’d like to purchase a gun, don’t go out and become a felon.

A burglary suspect told Louisiana cops that he tried to break into a pawn shop and steal a weapon because he was worried about the future prospect of more restrictive gun laws being enacted.

Richard Boudreaux, 23, was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly burglarizing a Slidell restaurant where he once worked. Dressed in camouflage, Boudreaux placed a bucket on his head since he forgot to bring his mask (and knew that Kenney’s Seafood was outfitted with surveillance cameras).

Upon departing the eatery, Boudreaux went to a nearby pawn shop, Jerry’s Buy and Sell, and tried to break in. When that attempt failed, Boudreaux went home for the night.

Police identified him from the restaurant’s surveillance video. So he should’ve worn the bucket into the place, not out of it. He has been charged with burglary and attempted burglary — felonies. That comes up when you fill out the gun purchase background check form.