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Colin Powell Lied, Joan Walsh's Brain Cells Died

Because racism, or something.

Here is the post from Stacy Washington that got Ms. Walsh mindlessly belching up words (again).

Ms. Washington makes a very good case for why Powell is, for all intents and purposes, now really a Democrat. She does it without hyperbole or a hint of any personal animosity towards Gen. Powell. Ms. Walsh, predictably, responds with nonsense, kicking her post off with the insult that a “black Republican” was “found” to discredit Powell, a wordy way of saying “token”.

Powell’s recent statements feature the most insidious of leftist tactics: positing that something is real and/or significant-birtherism, in this case-then implying that no response to the assertion lends credence to it.

The birther, the whole birther movement. Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the party?

Walsh dutifully plays along:

I’ve written many times: Birtherism wouldn’t have become a potent force if people like John Boehner or Mitt Romney had spoken out against it. Instead Boehner insisted it wasn’t his job to tell people what to think, and Romney made jokes about nobody needing to see his birth certificate, while embracing the carnival barker Donald Trump.

The end game is, of course, to get the opposition to waste time ferreting out the fringe loonies and publicly dismissing them. Boehner was right (long time readers of mine know I don’t say that often), it’s not his job.

And guess who else makes birth certificate jokes?

Of course, merely voting for President Obama twice would give the average American a moment’s pause and make him reconsider party affiliation.

But there’s good money in being an MSM darling Republican who will devote on-camera time to bashing other Republicans.

Just ask David Frum.