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Reuters Has a Job Opening in China, with One Interesting Qualification

Hardly anyone is hiring in the Obama economy, and journalism has suffered as much as if not more than most industries. But Reuters is hiring. You, dear reader, could be the news syndicate’s next correspondent in glamorous Beijing. That’s the capital of a growing world power, so you’d be a witness to history. Just…watch out and make sure that you play nice.


The Beijing-based role will largely be freed from the constraints of the daily news agenda, though the correspondent will need to help out with breaking news coverage from time to time. Still, the ideal candidate will be fiercely competitive and disciplined, able to jump in to contribute to big breaking stories, work to tight deadlines on ambitious reporting projects, and give Reuters’ customers a stream of scoops of fact and insight. The Senior Correspondent must be able to develop deep sources and deliver strongly written pieces varying in length from 600-word spot stories to 2500-word Special Reports . He/she must be a consummate team player, collaborating effortlessly with reporters across a large China Bureau without treading on toes or triggering turf wars.

The New York Times once had a foreign correspondent who avoided treading on the toes of his hosts. CNN’s entire network of foreign correspondents admitted to avoiding stepping on the locals’ toes.