Austin Schools Plan to Spend Valuable Educational Time Teaching Kids to 'Manage Their Emotions and Relationships'

Apparently Austin, TX schools have perfected their ability to teach students the academic basics. They’re mission creeping into emo instruction.

The Austin school district today is opening its doors to donors interested in funding programs focused not on academics, but on helping students manage their emotions and relationships.

Called “Social Emotional Learning” or “SEL” by education experts, the lessons are designed to be woven into the regular curriculum so that kids aren’t just learning math, but also coping skills, such as ”taking belly breaths” to calm down and better handle tense situations.


The school district is looking into getting $1 million in grants to fund this “social emotional learning.”

Families and churches used to teach this sort of thing, not as “social emotional learning” but as character. Both of those have come under sustained assault for going on 50 years now, and they’re breaking down.


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