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Obama Attacks Christians Until He Needs Them to Push Gun Control

“Cynical” doesn’t quite do justice to the Obama government’s view of the world. This administration has cynically forced faith-based institutions and businesses owned by Christians into funding abortifacient drugs in violation of their consciences, then turned their objections into a phony “war on women.” When they have objected, the administration’s response has been “See you in court.” When the pastor chosen to deliver the invocation at the inauguration ran afoul of the McCarthyite left on a single issue, the president’s inauguration committee had that pastor disinvited. That happened yesterday to Rev. Louie Giglio.

But the same administration wants churches to explicitly push its take on gun control now.

During one session with a dozen religious leaders on Wednesday, Biden made a specific request to those gathered to preach to their congregations about the importance of enacting stronger gun control laws, said the Rev. Michael McBride, a participant in the meeting and a community organizer for the PICO Network, an alliance of faith-based organizations.

“The vice president shared how he felt this was one of the most important meetings of all the meetings, that the faith leaders, the faith community has a very unique role in engaging in the moral persuasion necessary to address the gun challenges in our country,” McBride said. “He called upon us to take that seriously and that the administration and everyone involved is going to be looking to us to help to make that argument across the different faith traditions.”

The answer in reply should have consisted of three words that included pointing toward a very warm place, followed by a query if the administration needed a map. Churches do not exist to push this or any other president’s political point of view. He is not a pope or a king. He is the temporary holder of a political office. Someone needs to start whispering to him, as slaves once whispered in the ears of triumphant Roman generals, that all of his present glory is fleeting.