Fact-Checking the Gun Grabbers

After observing and opposing and reporting on Barack Obama’s actions for going on six years now, it’s evident that majority opinions and facts have no effect on him. If it was a fact, for instance, that the Bush era deficits were unpatriotic as Obama said they were, what are the larger Obama deficits? If it was a fact that Bush had been an imperious president who wielded too much executive power, what are we to make of a president who signs a sweeping law that the majority opposed and who used his executive power to gut part of our immigration law on the pretext that since Congress did not act, he had to? That is not how our system works.


If it was a fact that raising the debt ceiling was bad enough that it prompted Senator Obama to vote against it, why is he now arguing for unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling without any congressional input? This president rejects the law and the very concept of a national budget at all. He has said on more than one occasion that he wishes he could just do whatever he wants, without our elected representatives’ input.

Now he is hell bent on not letting a perceived crisis go to waste. He used his vice president to threaten executive action against one of our most constitutional rights, the right to keep and bear arms. We can fact check him and his cronies all day and it will have no effect on what they do. He believes that he can impose his will on the nation, and the combination of low-information voters, liberals who support him no matter what he does, and the high rate of dependency on government may help prove him right.

But in the interests of maybe changing a mind our two out there, Reason TV runs down five facts about guns, schools and violence.




Also in the interests of maybe changing a mind or two, or at least countering media propaganda, Ben Swann at a Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, took at look at the statistics that CNN’s Piers Morgan uses in his anti-gun diatribes. It turns out that Morgan’s statistics are off.


This isn’t the first time Morgan has engaged in deceit to reach political aims. He is a preening fraudster who considered it his “moral duty” to smear British troops fighting in Afghanistan via fake photos. That got him fired in the UK. It may have got him hired at CNN.


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