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Democrats are So Smart and Stylish!

During the fiscal cliff battle in the House the other night, R.S. McCain tweeted how it’s obvious why the Democrats appeal to the young and the hip. I mean, how can Republicans compete with the raw animal magnetism of Rep. Sander Levin, Michigan Democrat?


When this man promises that more tax hikes are on the way, look out! The silver-tongued and silver-maned devil will charm the pants off America and get what he wants.

When Rep. Charlie Rangel, Democrat of New York, talks about responsibility, his sheer beauty will blind one and all to the fact that he’s one of the most corrupt politicians in America.

As if these two sex magnets weren’t enough, along comes Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut. She cut a fine figure doubling as an extra from a Les Miserable mob scene on the steps of the capitol today. Click to enlarge. If, you know, you think that’s a good idea.

With stylish folks like these leading the party, it’s little wonder that the Democrats’ rank and file supporters are so ahead of the curve on the issues of our time.

It took a few other Democratic Underground users, otherwise known as DUmmies, to explain that the withholding went up because the tax cuts hardly anyone paid any attention to during the fiscal cliff misdirection, expired. Which was exactly what their hero, Barack Obama, wanted.


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