Winner of The Last Photo Caption Contest of 2012: President Obama Waves From Motorcade Window

Photo credit – Carolyn Kaster /AP

The objective of the final Photo Caption Contest of 2012 was to improve upon this Washington Post caption:

December 24, 2012  — President Obama waves from the window of his motorcade vehicle as he returns from a workout at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kailua, Hawaii.


Thanks to all who made this contest very competitive.

To help judge the winning caption we are privileged to have a Previously Important Person (PIP) as our celebrity guest judge.

(This PIP is one of our New Year’s weekend house guests, so asking him to judge our contest was a gesture of hospitality.)

Our PIP served a past President of the United States and trust me when I tell you he is totally overqualified to judge our contest.

Here are the winning captions he selected.

“Ignore the fact that this limo is not electric powered.”

“See that smudge on the window? Bush’s fault!” 

Both submitted by Chris Henderson (one of this year’s contest all-stars)

They took my jacket or I would be using it to cover my face. Submitted by William L. Gensert

Mr. President, Miss America could give you a few pointers on your wave.

FDR would’ve worn a tie.

“See? I told you my administration would be transparent.”

All three submitted by RockThisTown (another contest all-star)

“Help, I’m being held hostage by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.” Submitted by Paleo-Conservative

Two weeks of personal training, and still can’t do any of the heavy lifting.

Submitted by Kimbly  (another former winner)


The last time I raised my hand was in grade school, and I didn’t know the answers then or now.

Submitted by Don Henderson

Obama Workout Regimen: a) he lifts your wallet; b) he runs from scandals; c) he skips briefings; d) he cycles old speeches; e) he benches the press; and, f) he spends most of his time in spin class.

Submitted by cfbleachers (King of the contest all-stars)

And the Grand Prize Winner (chosen by our PIP and the lovely Mrs. PIP) is:

It’s easy to spot the Republicans, they only wave with one finger.

Submitted by Don Henderson  (Your star is rising fast!)

Congratulations to Don and all who submitted winning captions.

Extra special thanks to every one of our loyal caption contest participants who helped make our contests so successful.

Happy New Year and see you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!






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