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Sometimes I think Alan Dershowitz is so politically schizophrenic he deserves a diagnosis title of his own in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM – Dershowitzophrenia.

Today the Harvard Law professor has an excellent article in NRO (one wonders if he offered it first to the NYT, WaPo, etc.) taking President Obama to task for his potential nomination of Chuck Hagel for SecDef. Given Hagel’s record on Iran (not even branding the Republican Guard as terrorists, etc.), Dershowitz correctly states the former senator’s appointment would send a message to the mullahs that the administration is not serious in their threat of using force to prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

But, hello…. What kind of person would Obama nominate for SecDef and what does the president himself really think about Iran? The professor surely recalls Obama’s extraordinary indifference when the demonstrators in the streets of Tehran cried out for the president’s support.

It’s perfectly natural and predictable Obama would want a Hagel — or someone like him — at Defense. Where was Dershowitz? Ignoring what everyone else knew?

And it’s not just Defense. Who would Obama nominate for the even more important secretary of State? If he can’t get the prevaricating Susan Rice, a mindlessly progressive bloviating Assad apologist like John Kerry will be just the ticket.

No one but a certain Harvard professor and consistent public supporter of Barack Obama would be surprised.

BTW, the American Psychiatric Association has announced its Fifth Edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will appear next May. Dershowitizophrenia anyone?

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