Breaking: Andrea Tantaros, Jason Mattera Join Forces on New Radio Talk Show

Could this be the next big thing in talk radio? I think it could be.

Talk Radio Network announced today that Andrea Tantaros, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, will host The Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera next year.


According to the network, Tantaros’ show launches January 2, 2013. It will run 9 am to noon on the East Coast (6 am to 9 am Pacific).

Andrea Tantaros is well known as a columnist for the New York Daily News and a conservative commentator on Fox. She goes head to head with Democrat strategist Bob Beckel during the mornings on Fox, and co-hosts the network’s popular The Five at 5 pm Eastern each afternoon.

TRN CEO Mark Masters notes that “In a post 2008–2009 economy, we have been seeking shows that are highly entertaining, yet responsible and profitable for our station affiliates and advertisers. Andrea has the ability to do both. She’s a fresh voice who will inject new energy to the airwaves.”

Tantaros is joined on the show by author and journalist Jason Mattera. The two-time New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation and Hollywood Hypocrites already has a weekend show on WABC in New York. He will join Tantaros during the week for The Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera.

According to the network, the new show and its two young hosts will deliver breaking news, top tier guests, fresh opinions and cutting edge commentary and will “set the standard for highly entertaining, fast-paced production and entertainment quality.”


The new show launches in the new year.

Honestly, I can’t wait for this show. I know both Tantaros and Mattera and some of the folks behind the scenes. They’re both what you see is what you get — great people behind the scenes and true professionals on the air. Andrea brings real world political experience along with her grounded poise and wit from her time on Fox. Jason is just an incorrigible trouble maker who has a genius for getting right to the point and getting under the other side’s skin. They’re easily two of the most interesting young personalities in all of politics and they will be backed by the best production staff in talk radio. From a marketing point of view, this is a dream match-up. The Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera is going to be great right out of the blocks, and it could have no better force backing it than the Talk Radio Network.


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