US Army Manual Blames Afghan Attacks on US Troops on American 'Cultural Ignorance'

The new US Army handbook for our soldiers operating in Afghanistan literally blames America first, for the 63 US troops who have been murdered by Afghan soldiers and police they were attempting to train.


A draft of the handbook, which has not be published yet, was leaked to the Wall Street Journal.According to the manual:

“Better situational awareness/understanding of Afghan culture will help better prepare [troops] to more effectively partner and to avoid cultural conflict that can lead toward green-on-blue violence.”

Fine, that doesn’t sound out of line at first read. It’s bad manners to go out of your way to offend your hosts.

It’s in the details that things go awry. The manual instructs US troops working with Afghan counterparts not to criticize the Taliban, which was the unelected radical government that not too long ago was chopping off hands and heads while nurturing al Qaeda and its terrorist training camps. The Taliban is ostensibly the reason we’re still in that country fighting a war. But don’t say bad things about the Taliban around the local troops we’re training to fight the Taliban. The manual also instructs soldiers not to speak out in favor of women’s rights, or say anything about several other taboo topics including saying anything negative about Islam or criticizing pedophilia.


Yes, seriously. Pedophilia. Criticizing buggering children might get you killed, so the Army brass says don’t go there.

And don’t even talk about teh ghey.

If we’re not in Afghanistan to export the tolerance inherent to our Western culture, why are we still there? If we can’t even train Afghan soldiers and police to be civilized and fight the Taliban enemy instead of fighting us, what’s the point of training them at all?

h/t Mark Steyn



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