Hail Hillary the Queen of 2016 and Woe to Her Republican Opponent

Currently a royal movement is underway, already gathering strength, and great power throughout the media/entertainment centers of New York, Washington, Hollywood and the entire world,  in anticipation of the future coronation of Queen Hillary.  If you have any doubt just watch this recent video tribute in what is being called “Hillary’s First Campaign Video.”


Any Republican voter who is optimistic about the prospects of finally capturing the White House in 2016, after looking at this list of current “front runners” including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, should curb their enthusiasm now in order to prevent future disappointment and self delusion.

In preparation for the next presidential election cycle should the GOP just concentrate on retaking the Senate, keeping the House and increasing control over Statehouses? For the odds of success are far greater than winning back the White House in 2016 and here is why.

The 2016 Republican field would be pitted against the “powers that be” who are set on anointing “The One Whose Time Has Come.”  This means barring a complete economic meltdown, blamed squarely on the Democrats, no one sitting on that GOP bench stands a chance of garnering anywhere near 270 electoral votes on November 8, 2016.  A force field would be against them all.

It pains me to write this but there is a movement in the making that in undeniable.

And sometime next year we will know if this confluence of royal political forces will be unleashed when The Queen finally decides if she wants to anoint or be anointed because the inevitable “will she or won’t she” games can only last so long.


This is due to the maximum pressure her royal court will be subjected to by the other Democrat presidential wannabes who are literally frozen in place waiting for The Queen in Waiting to give the official “in or out” signal.

If The Queen says “forward march,” there will be no “bloody her up” primaries a la 2008. After all, The Royal One has already “Been there done that.”

Thus, as part of the “deal” with her potential mere mortal primary competitors, the nomination must be handed to her on a large silver platter befitting her stature.

And then the real intra-party fighting will be reserved for the coveted number two spot with its great potential for leading to a future 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue occupancy.

(A real possibility since The Queen would be 69-years-old on Inauguration Day 2017 and thus could decide to serve only one term.)

Enjoying all the full frontal Hillary adoration (as witnessed by the video which got major cable airplay) and energized by the latest 2016 polling revealing 57 percent of all Americans and 61 percent of Democrats want her as their nominee, is the mainstream media (MSM).

Fresh from playing their very strong hand in electing the First African-American President in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012, the MSM has been empowered by its own force. Now the time has come to finally elect the First Female President and “beloved” First Gent who would re-ascend to the throne room with great fanfare.


This could be considered a re-do of the historical “Clinton twofer” harking back to Bill’s infamous 1992 campaign remark when he promised that voting for him elected Hillary too with the nation receiving “two for the price of one.”

Truer words were never spoken and this decades old statement may bear fruit yet again.

Sure, the MSM could have helped elevate Hillary eight years earlier, but electing a “fresh face” cool, hip, new Senator with the thinnest resume on record, who also happened to be an African-American held far greater allure. (Besides, remember how back in 2008 the MSM was experiencing major Clinton fatigue for both Clintons?)

But no more!  Now it is HER time or (HRC time I should say) and the MSM will be thoroughly in HRC’s court – totally engaged and supportive, hoping to wipe away any collective guilt for the way they abandoned HRC in 2008.

So with the necessary power brokers and the MSM in tow, all that is needed are the loyal Democrat constituent groups to supply votes and boots on the ground.

Of course you can count on all those same constituencies that elected Obama twice to line up for Hillary too —  women, especially single career women; African Americans (because she is married to the “first black president” after all) Hispanics; unions; teachers; gays; Hollywood celebs; and young voters will fully connect with that “first woman president” thing.  But more important is the pent –up demand for Hillary that has been growing since the 2008 primary debacle.


Can you just imagine the “made for family television” moment at the 2016 Democratic Convention when Bill gives Hillary’s nominating speech? (Cue the Kleenex now.)

Also, just like a royal marriage uniting two once warring kingdoms, the joining of the old Clinton traditional campaign machinery with the new super high-tech victorious Obama campaign machine will produce the most advanced campaign infrastructure in the history of mankind.

So whatever is left of our country in 2016 after eight years of Obama leaving us  $22.8 trillion in debt, Hillary and her MSM cheerleaders will find new creative ways to sugar- coat the Obama economic mess and blame it all on President George W. Bush and the Republicans again.

For all the aforementioned reasons, the Democrats nominating Queen Hillary in 2016 is a no risk – high reward proposition and woe to the unlucky GOP nominee who wins the right to run against HRC.

There is only one remaining question about the future 2016 presidential election. That is whether Hillary will change the name Obama Care to “Hillary Care” commemorating the second coming of her 90’s era personal political debacle.

My suggestion is that HRC rename it “Queen Care” because by January of 2017  one can assume all government services will bear a name exactly the opposite to the service it represents.


So good luck to Rubio, Ryan, Christie, and all the others named or unnamed now sitting on the 2016 GOP presidential bench.

Your best hope is that Hillary decides to stay home and permanently rest from years of jet lag or alternatively, President Obama eventually names The Queen to a totally different court, one that reigns Supreme.









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