VIDEO Captures Jihadi and Terrorist Nature of Syrian Uprising

A video recently appeared on Arabic websites demonstrating the true nature of the Syrian uprising against the Assad regime—that it, or at least dominant elements of it, are not simply Islamist in nature, but terroristic as well. Moreover, and just as was the case elsewhere, for example Libya, many outsiders—including al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists—are in Syria, “blending in” with the rest of the opposition forces


The same telling elements that have appeared elsewhere—including Egypt during the U.S. embassy attack—are present in the video footage: Islam’s black flag, “Salafi” looking Muslims, jihadi slogans and praise for terrorism and terrorists.

Two men stand in the balcony of what seems to be a building made vacant from the violence, singing in a microphone, while people congregate in the street and sing along while shouting praises—especially whenever the name “Bin Laden” is sung—and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Excerpts of some of the words the two men sing—in a non-Syrian accent, likely a Saudi accent—follow:

They called me a terrorist and I said “that will be my honor,” this is a divine call …. We defeated America … the Trade (Center) became a bunch of rubble … Greetings from the Taliban and its leader mullah Omar… Victory is ours, winning is ours, and Allah with all his strength is with us, the infidel masses have come together to defeat us but they will not defeat us.



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