Republicans Aren't Committed Enough to Win in 21st Century America

So you think you’re a committed Republican? You think that you have what it takes to stage a successful protest?

If you want to see what you’re up against, and see just how committed Democrats are to winning — then just click here. Or don’t, if you’re at work or don’t want to lose your lunch.


Those people stripped down to nothing in Washington in the wintertime to protest even the possibility of entitlement reform in the fiscal cliff negotiations. They came up with catchy rhyme and everything. Deep thoughts about our nation’s fiscal plight? Nah.

They laugh at your notion of “commitment.”

Side note: The Politico reporter who snapped that pic proudly fronts his awards from leftist advocacy groups right there in his Twitter bio. Conflict of interest, Politico? Apparently not. That kind of “reporting” truly is among the things we’re up against.

Those of us in flyover country keep thinking that silly, stupid protests like a bunch of people getting naked and yelling banalities at the House speaker will turn off voters. Yet “reporters” like the Politico’s man treat them as credible, and Democrats keep winning elections.



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