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It Is Good To Be King -- New Photo Caption Contest

Still trying to get my sense of humor back since the election but, after seeing this photo that appeared recently on Drudge Report, I was thrilled to see there are at least two Americans who are really happy these days.

So here is the challenge for our “world famous” Tatler Photo Caption Contest regulars (and newcomers too) — caption these grinning guys while keeping to the contest rules of “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”

Are you all capable of doing that?

I am not sure, since many of you are most likely still working your way through the five stages of (election outcome) grief.

But do try and the winner will receive mounds of Thanksgiving PR in a future post.

Good luck with your entry and remember moving to Texas is still a viable option for every red state American who no longer lives in a red state, since these two make us feel very blue.