"Conservatives and libertarians are especially vulnerable to such charges of harassment."

Greg Lukianoff is interviewed at the WSJ on his new book Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate:

“The people who believe that colleges and universities are places where we want less freedom of speech have won,” Mr. Lukianoff says. “If anything, there should be even greater freedom of speech on college campuses. But now things have been turned around to give campus communities the expectation that if someone’s feelings are hurt by something that is said, the university will protect that person. As soon as you allow something as vague as Big Brother protecting your feelings, anything and everything can be punished.”…..

Conservatives and libertarians are especially vulnerable to such charges of harassment. Even though Mr. Lukianoff’s efforts might aid those censorship victims, he hardly counts himself as one of them: He says that he is a lifelong Democrat and a “passionate believer” in gay marriage and abortion rights. And free speech. “If you’re going to get in trouble for an opinion on campus, it’s more likely for a socially conservative opinion.”

Parents and alumni dismiss free-speech restrictions as something that only happens to conservatives, or that will never affect their own children.


I see, so if it happens to a conservative, it’s not really happening to the liberal parents and alumni. Where is the outrage from the conservative parents and alumni? They should join FIRE and fight back.


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